David Anderson – Examples of Perjury and Fraud

In the following PDF files, you will see examples with supporting evidence of Mr. David Anderson’s perjury and fraud.

  • David Anderson claims under oath, that Ontario Hydro provided back fill material at no cost, and yet Mr. Anderson approved a price of $24 per load from Ontario Hydro. See the court transcript, the Township of Delhi letter and the Invoice from Ontario Hydro for over $8,000 in this first pdf file. Read more.
  • Mr. David Anderson claimed, under oath, that past problems had inspired a change in the tendering process regarding “stone chips” from “Supply” to “Supply and Apply”. When pressed for examples, no records could be located. View this next PDF file to view the various inconsistencies, and the path of cover-ups perpetrated by Mr. Anderson. Read more.
  • Mr. David Anderson’s claims under oath take a waffling. He claims to have used, in the summer of 1993, a document which bears a date stamp of February 1994. Why couldn’t he provide documentary evidence that such a list existed in 1993? Read the transcripts! Read more.
  • Mr. David Anderson confirms that Class 5 Aggregate failed specification and was disqualified however the record shows that 852.78 tonne of Class 5 was purchased anyway in contravention of quotation conditions! Read more.
  • After police involvement, Mr. David Anderson changed his under oath statement as to why Nicholl’s Gravel was rejected! Read more.
  • Mr. Anderson doesn’t know his stuff? Here he lies about sieve designations! Read more.
  • Mr. Anderson misrepresents his working experience, knowledge and authority while working for the Town of Ajax! Read more.
  • Final Frauds and Misrepresentations: Mr. Anderson makes reference to non-existent reports [according to the staff of the supposed generator of said reports]. Mr. Anderson contradicts himself and his prior testimony … and the real story regarding the Delhi Arena Parking Lot! Read more.

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