November 28, 1996 – Addendum

November 28, 2002


To our letter of September 20, 2002 to O.M.B. case worker Andy Dawang copied to the Premier’s office, the Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of the Environment and Minister of the Attorney General, the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator and the London Free Press

In respect to receiving no response excepting a letter dated October 10, 2002 and received October 17 from the O.M.B. confirming and in agreement to what I had stated in my September 20th letter, that no review of the O.M.B. Final Decision was allowed under the Aggregate Act, and further stating quote: “The Ministry of Natural Resources is responsible for issuance of the license in compliance with, and/or fulfillment of the conditions imposed by the Board.” unquote. See letter #1

Please therefore be advised that we are proceeding as previously stated in our letter of March 15, 2002 to place all relative information on the internet and in addition, in respect to the failure of the M.N.R. and M.O.E. to comply with the O.M.B. final decision order of July 25, 2001, and the failure of Justice of the Peace Mitchel Baker to file “process” on our 16 Private Information for criminal charges, which brings the “obstruction” of Justice incidents to 7, counting refusal to file criminal charges in 1996 by Cr. Attorney Aicken, 1997 Cr. Attorney Swanson dismissal of our case by Justice Carvarzen 1996, dismissal of our appeal Divisional Court by Justices Keenan, Cummings and Somers J.J. 1999, dismissal of Leave to Appeal Without Reasons by Justices Finlayson Weiler and O’Conner 1999 and dismissal Without Reasons Supreme Court of Canada Justices L’Heureux-Dubé, Bastarache and LeBel J.J. 2000

We shall proceed to release all information as follows:

1. The March 6, 2002 letter to M.P. Toby Barrett which received no response from Mr. Barrett.

2. Our application to the Ministry of the Environment for permit to take water March 12, 2002

3. Copy of Justice Carvarzan’s August 23, 1996 Decision.

4. Review of Justice Carvarzan’s 1996 decision and a breakdown of the falsity of fact based on Perjured evidence which in my opinion is 46 pages of speculative law perverted garbage.

5. Review of the appeal dismissal by Justices at Divisional Court and the further falsity of fact in law in this decision, as well as hearing our appeal without court Jurisdiction and without prior reference to the transcripts of evidence from the trial, stating that the transcripts were not received.

6. Review of numerous requests to O.P.P. to investigate including the lost transcripts which received the spin and file process from both the O.P.P. and the Appeal to O.C.C.O.P.S. for failure to investigate various requests to O.P.P. to investigate.

7. Further interference by O.P.P. to my individual rights under the Canadian Charter to “equality before the law” in respect to a warrant and gun seizure incident, concerning false information provided in witness statements which was identified as the same as provided at trial in 1996 by David Anderson and Frank Gelinas. A request to investigate to O.P.P. in this respect as well a request to investigate the irrational behavior of David Anderson which also was not investigated as confirmed through F.O.I.

8. Conspiracy to interfere with the Democratic electoral process with the personal defamation of Councillor Gary Nichols by then Mayor Roger Vermeulen and Councillor Dan VanLonderselle, Township of Delhi.

9. Conspiracy to entrapment to the defamation event in order to gain evidence to attempt to prove Gary Nichols and Nichols Gravel Limited are as one and the same.

10. The 1996 Conspiracy to Extortion and misappropriation of Public Funds of the Township of Delhi by the Mayor, C.A.O. and Director of Roads in respect to the overpayment for unitemized billing of services by the Township Solicitor in respect to defending the lawsuit with Nichols Gravel Limited which was requested to O.P.P. to be investigated, with no investigation. See Det. Scot September 16, 2001 letter #2.

11. The claim filed with the courts by Nichols Gravel Limited against the Township of Delhi, David Anderson and Frank Gelinas 1994.

12. The claim filed with the Courts by Nichols Gravel Limited against the Region of Haldimand-Norfolk, Eric Dhond’t and Nil Lambert. 1994.

13. The claim filed with the Courts by Nichols Gravel Limited against the Township of Norfolk Jamie Francisco, Winston Oostenburg and Hector Verhoeve. 2000.

14. Review one by one the 16 Private Informations filed for “process” which Justice of the Peace Baker stated did not meet the test for criminal charges.

15. The conspiracy by lawyers Peter Haney, G. Brimblecombe and Thomas Cline to obtain information under “False Pretense” in respect to an Examination in Aid of Execution February 1 2001 of Gary Nichols for the purpose of a Judgment to garnishment of a Nichols numbered company

In our experience, after 8 years of attempting to find Justice and finding without exception obstruction of Justice, I believe as a citizen, I have an obligation to expose to the Public, the point to which our society has digressed in the Province of Ontario with manipulation, and conspiracy to cover up the corruption in 3 levels of government, the Police and the Justice System. All of these actions are addressed under criminal code section 122 and 123 as fraud, and breach of trust through suppression of information, by all of the conspirators in and outside the justice system who suppressed information to cover up the negligent actions.

In my opinion, the obstruction of Justice was the direct and end result of the Police, the Cr. Attorneys and the other Justices conspiring to protect Justice Carvarzan’s pathetic decision and reputation. “No duty of care owed.” No accountability by anyone!

In respect to the huge amount of documentation collected through my various investigations, I project that it will take approximately 1 year to place all information on the internet.

This ADDEMUM, the September 20 letter, the March 15, 2002 letter, my letter to Justice of the Peace M. Baker and his response July 30, 2002 may be found on our website at

Yours sincerely,

Gary Nichols

c.c. Premier of Ontario Hon. Ernie Eves
c.c. Attorney General of Ontario Hon. David Young
c.c. Solicitor General of Ontario Hon. Robert Runciman
c.c. Haldimand County Council
c.c. Norfolk County Council
c.c. Frank Cowan Insurance
c.c. Law Society of Upper Canada

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