Township of Delhi – Direction to Cease Commercial Operations with Nichols Gravel Limited

I Letter February 13, 1996 with Report No. CA0-04-96 to Public Works Committee February 7, 1996. #1 Read more.

II Evidence at trial Mr. Gelinas Transcript Page 714 #5-30. #2  Read more.

It has been confirmed that there is no available confirmation whatsoever by Council in respect to this “Direction”.

III See F.O.I. Request Research of Records Sept 9 1996 Request #16-96 #4

For the record of all Council meetings here there were discussions concerning Nichols Gravel Limited. Response #3. In respect tot the sworn evidence provided at trial, it is clearly evident that none of these Council meeting dates provided by the Township Clerk under F.O.I. request 16-96 in any way correpond to the dates provided in evidence in court by Mr. Gelinas.

IV See Mr. Anderson’s testimony Page 988 #25.40 which states:

“towards the end of 1994 the Council provided us with direction” Read more.

Mr. Anderson’s evidence also failed to match or corespond to any of the F.O.I. Information Council meeting dates as identified, so that we can now confirm four different dates stated that “direction” was received from Council; August ‘94, August ‘95 (Mr. Gelinas), Fall of 1995 (Mr. Anderson), and F.O.I. request June 1995 and it has not been possible to confirm even one date as stated, let alone four different dates.

The evidence would indicate that this was Fairy Tale Time in the Ontario Court of Justice.

See testimony, Gary Nichols Transcript Pages 1230 and 1231 which confirms further falsity of fact in respect to testimony provided by Mrs. Gelinas and Mr. Anderson in Court. Read more.

In an unrelated but comparable situation, Mr. Gelinas and Mr. Anderson are held accountable for fraudulent and forged documents pertaining to Mr. Kalle’s wrongful dismissal case!

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