A letter to and from The Law Society of Upper Canada

The final request and clarification to The Law Society of Upper Canada to investigate the criminal misconduct of six crown solicitors as identified in letters to Bencher Directors. Those letters were dated Sept 3, Oct 1 and Dec 15 of 2015 and April 11 2016. 2016-11-30

This brush off response is in complete disregard to those letters, to suppress and coverup crown solicitor malfeasance which by this letter commits and confirms that The Law Society of Upper Canada has now become and “accessory after the fact” subject to the criminal code of Canada C-46. A response to their response is pending. 2016-12-15

Here is our response 2017-04-17 to the previous L.S.U.C. Dec 15 2016 brush off letter from the Law Society of Upper Canada. No L.S.U.C Responsoe.

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One Response to “A letter to and from The Law Society of Upper Canada”

  1. Michael Pyshnov Says:

    I know what you are talking about. I fight fraud for 30 years. Govt. is concealing the fraud. Any reporting of the documents in press is prohibited. A lawyer told me that no lawyer in Canada will take your case because if he does, his children will not be able to find any job.
    See https://universitytorontofraud.wordpress.com/
    Michael Pyshnov

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